SAN DIEGO – A car wash that uses no water? A concept that at first sounds borderline impossible is fast becoming a reality around the world, and America is its next big stop.

Without using a single drop of water, ecowash mobile has washed hundreds of thousands of cars throughout Australia, France, Greece, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and has now announced plans to expand across the United States. The waterless technology allows ecowash mobile to wash vehicles wherever they happen to be parked at the time, whether in a parking lot, on the street or on the showroom floor.

ecowash mobile has quickly gained a global reputation of providing the best car wash in a convenient way that is also eco-friendly. The franchise company worked at the Cannes Film Festival cleaning all the Audis that were on display and worked with Lamborghini in Las Vegas throughout its 15 day launch event for the new Lamborghini Gallardo. ecowash mobile provides every vehicle the same type of quality car wash, whether it is a top of the line performance vehicle, a soccer mom’s mini-van, or a fleet of branded service vehicles.

So how is it possible to wash a car without using water? ecowash mobile uses a special polymer lubricant which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsules it. The dirt is then removed with a soft cloth – all without water and without a scratch, unlike traditional car washing techniques. The polymer leaves a protective coating on the surface of the vehicle, which protects the surface of the vehicle for up to 6 weeks from the harmful effects of the environment. In the end, the waterless technology can save from 20-45 gallons compared to a typical car wash and up to 100 gallons compared to using a garden hose.

Now, after conserving more than 10 million gallons of water in Australia alone, and wooing car owners, fleet managers and car manufacturers worldwide with its eco-friendly, effective and convenient technology, ecowash mobile announced it has partnered with U.S. franchising experts to expand the concept here in America.

With corporate headquarters set up in Carlsbad, California, the clean and green company has sold master franchises in Miami and Las Vegas, and registered its franchise opportunity in every U.S. state. Based on America’s population and extreme reliance on automobiles, ecowash mobile USA is prepared to sell at least one master franchise in each state and put 200 bright orange, branded ecowash mobile USA vehicles on the road within the next 12 months.

Jim Cornish, co-founder and Managing Director of ecowash mobile, said the concept not only sets new standards in quality and convenience, but provides a sustainable franchise opportunity in a market that increasingly demands social responsibility.

“Our environmentally-friendly company was designed to fit with our customers’ lifestyles and values,” Cornish said. “At ecowash mobile, we live by our slogan — `Save water. Love life’ – and that sums the core values ecowash mobile was founded on. All ecowash mobile products are biodegradable, to minimize the company’s environmental impact.”

Founded by car enthusiasts passionate about cars and the environment, ecowash mobile USA expects to outperform the company’s cumulative global revenue within a year’s time. In order to hit this target,ecowash mobile USA has partnered with the ZGurus, a team of experienced U.S. franchise developers who have helped launch several successful emerging franchise systems in the U.S. market.

“Just like in Australia and other countries, America is a time-starved society,” said Mike Watorski, President and Co-founder of ZGurus, Inc. “The mobility aspect of ecowash mobile USA saves valuable time that car owners would otherwise spend travelling to traditional car washes and waiting in long lines. The service ecowash mobile USA provides is also beneficial to company fleets and car dealerships that want to be eco-friendly and have their vehicles in pristine condition for their customers.”

Cornish, along with partner and co-founder Stewart Nicholls, have always had a passion for cars, which is why they both became involved with racing and rallying in Australia. Cornish’s mother, a former racecar driver, began teaching him how to drive when he was five years old. Cornish eventually became a professional driver and competed in three Australian Super Touring Championships. Nicholls started racing at club events before he was old enough to have his license, and at age 17, he was the youngest person to compete in the NSW State Rally championship. Nicholls later opened a mechanical shop that Cornish would frequent and the two eventually created the idea for ecowash mobile once they heard about the waterless technology.

About ecowash mobile

Founded in Australia in 2004, ecowash mobile now has more than 85 franchises operating in 14 countries, including the United States. ecowash mobile is different than any other car wash because it comes to the customer to clean a vehicle using its 2-in-1 polymer compound, which saves time and keeps the car protected for up to six weeks. With U.S. operations based out of Carlsbad, CA, the global company projects that 1,000 cars will be operating in the United States by 2010. For more information, go to

Ecowash Mobile was recently named 2008 “Best Services Retailer” by the National Retail Association in Australia and was named 2007 “Emerging Franchise System of the Year (NSW/ACT)” by the Franchise Council of Australia.