Rhonda Abrams:

When someone asks me what I do for a living, as an entrepreneur, I should respond, “I’m a juggler.”

Like all small-business owners, I’m busily dealing with one critical task after another–sales, new product development, customer service, human resources, finance, marketing, more.

While it’s a challenge to keep all the different balls in the air, learning to juggle successfully is a vital skill if you’re not going to have anything in your business come crashing down.

So how do you learn to become a better juggler of all the responsibilities that you face?

    – Cut something out.

    – Prioritize and develop a plan.

    – Prioritize and develop a plan.

    – Add “breathing time” in your day.

    – Make notes ahead of time.

With a bit of planning and practice, you too can become a better “juggler” of the many responsibilities you face.

Photo by Leonard Everett Fisher, the Juggler.

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