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In an upcoming, free training session, Tim Sales will share techniques that anyone can immediately apply to improve their presentation skills and closing rates. This training call is open to everyone and is of specific interest to network marketers and sales professionals.

One of the most sought after speakers in MLM, Tim Sales is a proven authority when it comes to building a successful MLM business and in teaching others how to achieve success. After building his own organization to over 56,000 strong in less than five years Tim retired from active network marketing and now devotes his time to teaching others how to build their own successful organizations. He applied his mastery of the MLM industry to develop the well-known prospecting presentation “Brilliant Compensation” which has been seen by millions and training lecture set “Professional Inviter,” which has helped hundreds of thousands of network marketers around the globe learn how to confidently talk with prospects and how to handle common MLM objections.

Hosted by Brilliant Exchange, Inc. this call will occur on Wednesday October 22, 2008 at 9 PM (Eastern). To join the call, dial: +1 712-338-8100 and enter passcode 7104#.

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