Evanston Review:

Heeding neighbors’ concerns about litter, loitering and night deliveries, Evanston’s City Council put a 7-11 franchisee on notice Monday that city staff would be monitoring compliance with terms of a special-use permit.

“There was some hope on the part of the neighborhood that there would be some demonstration (before the special use vote) that the conditions would be complied with, even though it wasn’t a strict legal requirement,” said Alderman Edmund B. Moran Jr., 6th Ward.

“You need to understand that there needs to be strict legal compliance with these conditions, that we aren’t going to let go,” the alderman told a representative appearing for the franchisee.

The council approved the permit but imposed tight controls on the 7-11, located in a former White Hen Pantry store at 2536 Ewing Ave., near the intersection of Ewing and Central Street.

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