Breakthrough Franchising Book Identifies Five Success Drivers

Franchise Update Media Group, the leading industry resource for franchise development, today announced the availability of a new business book, entitled “Grow to Greatness – How to Build a World-Class Franchise System” that identifies the five success drivers for franchise development, and can save companies thousands of dollars in costly mistakes. The book’s author is Steve Olson, publisher for Franchise Update Media Group.

“Growth is the fuel of franchise success. I wrote this book because there are franchising books on the market today about how to start a franchise company, but nothing that reveals what it takes to successfully grow a franchise system,” Olson said. “It’s the first business reference for franchisors expanding their systems, as well as for companies considering the viability of franchising their businesses. I’ve been a part of the industry for 28 years, as a franchisee, franchisor, supplier and consultant, and observed how successful franchisors achieve greatness. I wanted to share those insights, perspectives and experiences with established and emerging franchisors, to provide them with a blueprint for success.”

The five success drivers Olson identifies in the book are: Total Management Commitment, Strong Franchisee Satisfaction, Compelling Franchise Program, Successful Lead Generation, and High Performance Sales Program. Each benchmark is described in detail, supported by case studies and other real-life examples that discuss the specific process and steps taken by franchise leaders from various industries, that enabled them to take their organizations to the next level.

“Grow to Greatness – How to Build a World-Class Franchise System” is highly recommended by several franchise industry leaders, including Steve Greenbaum, CEO and founder of PostNet International Franchise Corp. and the 2008 chair of the International Franchise Association, who views the book as “an excellent reference tool for building and supporting a quality, values-based franchise.” Lynette McKee, vice president of franchising and new business development for Dunkin’ Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins) emphasizes that “both new franchisors and established brands going through a re-creation will greatly benefit from this book,” and Scott Haner, vice president, franchise development, Yum! Brands Inc. (A&W All American Food, KFC, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) plans “to use this book to evaluate our own recruiting efforts.”

“Franchising is a business unto itself, and knowing how to expand and grow your concept is the key to successful franchise development,” Olson said. “Once you launch a franchise program, you are shifting from the business you formerly managed to an entirely new business. Just as there are systems and processes for franchisees to follow, there’s a critical roadmap to follow for growing your franchise.”

“Grow to Greatness – How to Build a World-Class Franchise System” is available for $29.95 and can be ordered at

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