You want to work from home, but your boss might not support the idea. Don’t blame your boss – it’s a lot of change.

Don’t make the mistake of telling your boss that you’ll be happier, and therefore more productive, working from home.

Your boss won’t care about your state of mind. Instead, spend a little time researching telecommuting statistics that your boss can care about.

In short, show your boss how telecommuting will improve or help business.

    1: Your place is cheaper than theirs

    2: Your productivity will increase

    3: Employee retention will go up

    4: You’ll increase your billable hours

    5: You’ll be running with the crowd

    6: Your relationships will improve

    7: It’s the green thing to do

    8: Politicking will go down

    9: You’ll be more accessible

    10: It’s a weather-proof arrangement

Photo by MSDesigns.

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