Dr. Denis Waitley Releases The Dragon And The Eagle

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USANA Health Sciences, Inc. today announced the release of Dr. Denis Waitley’s new book, The Dragon and the Eagle: China and America: Growing Together, Worlds Apart. Waitley is a distinguished author and motivational coach, and serves as chairman of USANA’s Athletic Advisory Council.

The Dragon and the Eagle, written side-by-side in English and Chinese and told in a light-hearted parable style, features imagined conversations between two world superpowers: China and America. Waitley addresses and answers questions from both sides of the Pacific about the developing relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. From the new global economy to philosophical, cultural and ethical issues, every chapter brings to light the critical concerns confronting China and America today and their respective visions for the future.

“I hope this will be a wake-up call reminding us that personal responsibility and self-discipline are the virtues that will endure in these turbulent times,” Waitley said.

Waitley has written 15 nonfiction books, including the international bestsellers Seeds of Greatness, Being the Best, The Winner’s Edge, The Joy of Working, and Empires of the Mind. His audio program, The Psychology of Winning, is the all-time best-selling program on self-mastery. Waitley previously served as chairman of psychology on the U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Council, responsible for performance enhancement of all American Olympic athletes.

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