Sunday mornings can get pretty hectic around the Christiansen household. With five boys who always want to look their best for church, the rush to get to services on time occasionally led to a rather knotty problem — neckties flying in all directions, sometimes along with the frustration of being unable to tie the perfect knot.

Father Rich Christiansen saw an opportunity to take what they had learned and turn it into a practical and educational family project. With over eight years experience creating successful web entrepreneur communities, Rich put his sons to work on the concept and design of a helpful new site focused simply on How To Tie A Tie.

“This was a wonderful opportunity,” Rich Christiansen said. “Not only are we filling a real need, but it’s a chance for my sons to learn the process of bringing up a website.”

It is evident that these boys have been discussing the business model. Sixteen year old John Christiansen says: “We are going to give all of the instructions and diagrams away for free. We will sell ties and stuff and any money we make we are going to put into an education savings account. Half of this money will go orphan girls in Nepal, and the other half will go to our personal college savings.”

Based on the family’s research, the 2TieATie.com site is full of information about neckties, as well as men’s fashion issues, and tips for shopping. But the most popular part of the site is sure to be the step-by-step, illustrated instructions on how to tie 15 different ties ranging from the popular Windsor knot to the difficult bow-tie!

Photo by 2TieATie.com.

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