“Hey you, consumer of adult entertainment and products, now it’s your turn to make some money!”

That’s the plan of a new Internet company, AllXClub which launched this week and gives consumers who purchase adult products and services, the opportunity to continue buying those products and services at a discount—and also make money at the same time by referring other adult consumers to the site.

In the world of home based businesses and “Network Marketing,” there are thousands of companies that are pitching everything from vitamins to financial services. But there has been one industry that network marketing has not touched— the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Until now, that is.

AllXClub (www.AllXClubDirect.com) has just launched the Internet’s hottest and soon-to-be fastest growing community by combining the draw of adult movies and products and the explosive income potential of Network Marketing. This elite, invitation-only club/community is the brainchild of the top marketing minds in the world of multi-level-marketing and the adult entertainment industry’s top movers and shakers.

Modeled after similar business plans like Mary Kay, AllXClub is poised to become the hottest network marketing program in the world today, and is giving “Joe Six-Packs” the opportunity to not only get great adult product deals but also become sales associates of those very products. It’s the first time adult consumers can actually benefit and become adult marketers—with, no product needed, and no advanced website knowledge needed. It’s the same multi-level-marketing program that every guy’s wife is being pitched to join by their next-door neighbor, but the difference is this program is for the adult products that everyone is interested in buying and not for boring things shampoo or vitamins or cruise ship travel.

What’s also unique is that AllXClub progam is now offering seasoned webmasters a new revenue stream to counter traditional website slow-to-pay affiliate programs.

Here’s how it works.

Invitees can log on to www.AllXClubdirect.com and sign up either as 1) just a “Customer” who simply wants to take advantage of all the great offerings on the site, from unlimited adult VOD to discounts on adult toys and novelties, or as 2) an “Associate Member” who also gets those great offerings but also earns significant income by referring other members to join. Basic memberships in AllXClub start at $19.95 per month, and go up to $39.95 per month.

Top-end member benefits include:

—Unlimited VOD access to more than 3,000 adult videos for free.

—Major discounts as high as 20 percent on adult toys, novelties, products and erotic apparel.

—A free adult DVD every month.

—One hour of free live adult chat every month and special rates for additional minutes.

—A free subscription to the IWantU.com adult dating website.

—Daily, weekly and monthly special promotions.

Associate Members don’t have to build a website, ship products, or set up a merchant account. AllXClub has created all of this. As an “Associate,” members receive their own personal cutting-edge website that does all the work for the Associate, including a colorful and informative Website Tour that will make the business presentation to potential customers; marketing and promotional tools like ready-to-go banners and emails that will educate, excite, qualify customers; and an easy-to-use record keeping system that tracks everything from sales to sign-ups.

It’s the perfect marriage, say the founders of AllXClub. Everyone knows that billions are spent on adult entertainment, particularly on the Internet, every year. Add in the fact that network marketing is growing faster than any other industry in the world with an estimated 15.2 million people involved in direct selling in the U.S. and more than 59 million worldwide, and AllXClub (www.AllXClubDirect.com) has just provided adult consumers with a recipe to success.

For more information, log on and take the free tour at http://AllXClubDirect.com, or email your questions to [email protected]