photo credit: schoschie

Imagine walking through your house one day noticing all the belongings that you have obtained over the year’s such as furniture, family heirlooms, antiques, your childrens toy’s and drawings and all the little thing’s from clothes to shoes and appliances. Now imagine coming home one day to find that a fire has claimed your house and all of those belongings are completely destroyed Your talking to your insurance agent who is wanting an itemized list of everything that was in your home, the price and value of it, do you have such a list? Do you at least have receipts for these items? Most people don’t.

KC Home Inventory has been in business since 1993 providing complete and confidential home inventory services to the public. They make an itemized list of everything in your home from top to bottom as well as a list of the square footage your home and out buildings are and even take pictures of such precious items as jewelry, antiques and collectibles. This is the type of information that all insurance companies request in order to process your claim and get you reimbursed promptly for the amount that you deserve.

Now imagine being one of those people providing a young couple or elderly couple with this type of service knowing that you just saved them a lot of time, hassle and possible heart ache of not being able to replace their belongings. KC Home Inventory who is backed by the BBB is currently looking for new home inventory agents to provide this service in their city. For a low start-up cost of just your software $195- $395 depending on the kit you choose, you can be on your way to this great opportunity and truly soul rewarding This software is tax deductible at the end of the year and offers a 30 day money guarantee is you are not satisfied which they are confident you will be.

As with any business your profits will be based upon how hard you want to work and how many hour’s you want to fill, with the average home inventory taking approximately 2-4 hour’s to complete averaging out to be around $100 an hour for your service. This is not a franchise but rather a business opportunity as there are no franchise fees or royalties to pay each year, all the profit is your’s for the taking. To get started today on your new career as an KC Home Inventory agent go to their website to order your software.