Prissy Poofs Are Dressing Up Imaginative Little Girls Everywhere

Examiner: What is your business all about?

Laura: is all about dressing up Princesses! From Lions to LadyBugs, CowGirls to Kittens and everything in between there is something for the pickiest of little ones and definitely their discriminating Mommies.

Deborah: We provide unique, custom one of a kind dress-up tutus for little girls.

Examiner: What is your favorite product that you make or sell and why do you like or recommend it?

Laura: My favorite is the LadyBugPoof! (see photo right) It is our #1 seller since we’ve been in business and since LadyBugs are lucky, I think it’s a great mascot for our business…we certainly have been lucky!

Deborah: The ChickeePoof. It is an original creation of PrissyPoofs and it is fun, different and certainly unique.

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