Bedsheet Invention Gets Attention

The News Tribune:

David Haggerty couldn’t sleep. “This bed is too warm,” he said to himself, flinging aside the flannel sheets from his sweating body.

Next to him, his wife slept like a swaddled log. Perpetually chilled at night, she insisted the flannel sheets stay on the bed year-round.

The couple had argued about it that evening as they changed the bedding.

“There’s got to be something I could do to make us both happy,” he thought.

Suddenly a light bulb went on in David Haggerty’s head. “What if I bought a length of fuzzy flannel and a length of lightweight cotton and sewed them together with the warm flannel half on Jeanette’s side and the cool cotton half on mine?”

So he did.

Haggerty’s patent-pending, sheet-and-pillow-case sets, Split the Sheets, have shown up on KING-TV’s “Evening Magazine,” in a demo booth at the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Show and in a USA Today article. Split the Sheets had a short run of sales on

On ABC’s “Good Morning America,” co-hosts Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, lay in a bed fitted with Split the Sheets. The consumer editor of Woman’s Day, the magazine, went on NBC’s “Today” show and called Split the Sheets “the smartest product ever.”

Photo by Peter Haley.

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