Tough times call for Tupperware?

It’s one of the many direct sales industries now seeing more interest as stay-at-home moms and working women look for side jobs to help boost the family check book.

The DOWs ups and downs, failing banks, foreclosures in full swing.

“I started getting afraid of what was happening. I said I have to do something to help our family. I have the extra time,” said Tupperware consultant Marie Keith.

Former dot commer Marie Keith turned to Tupperware.

She first sold the time tested products after 9-11 when she was laid off, so successful, she earned a minivan for her family.

Now that times are tough again the mother of three knew exactly where to turn.

“There are so many things I want my kids to do. Soccer and brownies and dance and swimming and that all costs lots of extra money and right now the economy is so bad that you know, money is tighter than it was before so I looked back into Tupperware and said, ‘yep, I’m ready,’” said Keith.

Women all over are turning to direct sales to bring in extra cash, from jewelry to cookware to candles.

They host parties and demonstrate their products and even recruit others to sell.

Image by leonorjr.