Creating Your Own Web Working Space

Web Worker Daily:

A web worker’s office is her most important tool. Arranging it should be given more care and importance than setting up one’s LinkedIn profile.

Here are some tips:

Spend time looking for a great chair. One thing we have in common with office-bound workers is the need for a good chair.

Keep regularly used items within reach. Most of us have many physical tools we use for work, such as post-its, pens, index cards, or a USB thumb drive.

Make sure you have sufficient lighting. The source of light can be natural, artificial, or a mix of both – as long as enough of it is available when you need it.

Add a little variety. Whether it’s the photographs on your desk, the art work on your wall, or the plants on your windowsill, it helps to have a few elements in your office that can be changed or rearranged.

Photo by lute1.

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