Franchise sales must include relationship building to overcome tough economic times.

Ms. Flo Schell, EdM, Franchise Expert, Delivers Keynote Address at 1st Annual Conference of ‘College Hunks Hauling Junk’.

The time is absolutely right to re-group, re-assess, and re-energize, according to NJ Franchise Business Coach, Flo Schell, EdM.

Speaking before franchisees and management of ‘College Hunks Hauling Junk’, Schell spoke about how to take advantage of today’s economy.

“Today’s economy may create a real challenge for some companies, but for College Hunks it creates a unique opportunity,” Schell said.

Citing the commercial marketplace as a growth niche for the company, Schell showed franchisees exactly how to identify commercial contacts and to acquaint them with their brand and service.

“Selling is really about connecting,” Schell said, “and connecting is something franchisees already know a good deal about.”