Product Idea Going National

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal:

It all started with a family camping trip.

Arnie Wolfe was loading up the SUV when his oldest daughter decided to go with the family. After she added what she was bringing for the trip, there wasn’t enough room for the family of four. They had to take a second vehicle.

“He was thinking, ‘Why don’t I have a trailer?’ ” Design Concepts vice president of marketing Terrence Gallagher said. “Well, I don’t need one all the time.”

But what happens when the trailer wasn’t being used? Wolfe didn’t want one to just take up space, but rather one that served another purpose. After the camping trip, Wolfe came up with the idea of the “Tow N’ Stow,” a cargo trailer that can convert into a storage unit.

The unit has 50 cubic feet of capacity, weighs about 350 pounds and can haul up to 1,000 pounds behind passenger vehicles. Once the trailer is off the road, the Tow N’ Stow can be stood up and placed against a building as a functional shed.

Wolfe discussed his idea with family and friends and soon began developing a model Tow N’ Stow. Wolfe and Gallagher went to a few trade and invention shows to showcase the Tow N’ Stow.

Wolfe had a little prototype of the Tow N’ Stow hooked up to a remote control car at his booth. Wolfe said a lot of people who came to the booth loved the idea. Gallagher agreed.

“It was all different kinds of people,” Gallagher said. “Craftspeople, people that went to flea markets, do-it-yourselfers, campers, sports enthusiasts. All kinds who said, ‘Oh yeah, I can use that.’

Photo by Tow – N – Stow.

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