SheFinds Brings Fashion To Women With Realistic “Finds” And More

Any woman who has ever wanted to stay up-to-date about the latest fashions has not learned everything there is to know until she visits SheFinds. They are a blog which offers a wide variety of tips, topics, and information on the must haves for each season.

Fashion and beauty are two areas which many women feel passionate about. All of us want to feel good and look good, keeping up with what the latest potions and styles are does that.

I’ve recently had the chance to speak with Michelle Madhok about SheFinds, as well as learn a little more about some of the other “Finds” within the network.

What is SheFinds? What would a visitor find when they stop by your website?

SheFinds is like a cool, stylish, in-the-know friend who’s always up on what to wear and where to buy it. We aim to curate shopping content on the web, making it easy for women to find the best of what they’re looking for. When women come to the site, they’ll find wearable versions of the season’s trends, shopping advice, great beauty products, the latest sales and coupons, along with other content that changes daily.

What is MomFinds? What will mom’s find when they visit?

MomFinds has a similar tone to SheFinds — a fun, friendly voice — but focuses on the best products for moms and kids. Again, our mission is to find the best of what’s out there and present it — with links to buy — so busy women don’t have to spend hours at the store or surfing the web. Moms will find toys and kids’ clothes alongside treats for themselves.

What was your inspiration for starting up your websites and how long have they been online?

When I was working at AOL overseeing women’s content, I noticed that many of my co-workers, once they became successful and busy at work, got married or had kids, were not able to find time to shop for themselves. They’d show up to work in sweatshirts and old jeans. They’d ask me to shop for them — and after a while, I realized this was a niche that many women outside my office were seeking, too. I started SheFinds and MomFinds in 2004 to fill that niche.

How many different features are offered on each website? What are they?

Each site has a daily blog, where we post up-to-the-minute finds and deals, along with e-mail newsletters. The SheFinds and MomFinds both send out newsletter guides: shoppable editorial pieces about everything from the best black pants for your shape to the best tooth whitening products to the best baby shoes. We also have forums where members can post their own finds or ask us questions.

What niche do you feel SheFinds and MomFinds fill? What makes these websites different from the competition?

We feel that the online shopping model is broken. There’s no easy way to find a ready-to-shop, curated selection of great stuff. Online shoppers are left to trudge through thousands of products on their own. SheFinds and MomFinds fix this model by providing readers with lots of great options that are all pre-approved by our expert shoppers around the country. And instead of being surrounded by manufacturer-created descriptions, our finds are presented next to smart, useful editorial.

How would someone go about advertising with you if they were interested? What are your requirements?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] and inquire about our advertising opportunities.

What have you gained from your experience as the owner of 2 influential websites? How have you been able to take that knowledge and use it to your benefit?

I’ve really enjoyed competing with big media and blazing the trail to show that bloggers can be just as influential as magazine editors.

While you were starting out, is there anything you wish you hadn’t done, or had done differently? What was it? What have you learned from it?

I probably should have invested more in the website infrastructure. I spent $500 on the first site and it was built by a guy in the Ukraine, now it’s starting to crumble and we need to get moving on a fix.

Do you have any plans to expand on SheFinds or MomFinds in the near future? What goals would you like to reach in the coming years?

SheFinds was founded in 2004 and operates out of New York City. The company differentiates itself from other, similar companies by providing content and discussion around practical and functional fashion and style purchases, rather than focusing entirely on the latest “fad” or most expensive items. SheFinds keeps busy women “in the know” by keeping them informed about the latest trends, identifying useful and practical clothing, and enabling them to dress better. SheFinds fashion guides resonate with users because of the unique editorial voice, that of a savvy and trusted girlfriend. SheFinds concentrates on filtering the vast online content, highlighting and recommending practical fashion merchandise of trusted vendors.

The second site, MomFinds, was launched in April 2005. It provides content and discussion aimed at new mothers and women with small children. White Cat Media plans to launch additional media properties targeting different life stages as a part of its growth plan. On all of its sites, White Cat Media seeks to inform, instruct and inspire purchase by targeting the verticals where women shop.

We own several other domain names, and plan to launch those sites in the future, starting with BrideFinds. All of the sites will have the same focus as SheFinds and MomFinds: curating all the stuff you can buy on the web, and presenting readers with great options and fun, helpful editorial alongside links to buy the items.

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