Franchise Key:

What is it worth?
· The commercial policy with regard to the market and the competition
· The concept: from the salesman to the management
· The franchisor’s expertise
· The know-how and how it is transmitted
· The constant assistance
· The profitability
· The balance between independence and complying with the standards
· The fairness in the contract

How does the franchisor earn his living?
· On my purchases or on my sales?
· On my costs or on my success?
· So what is his interest?

Does the franchisor give me the following advantages?
· Quicker, more certain start-up
· A less costly franchise
· A more efficient franchise
· Limitation of the risk
· Profitability of the capital invested
· Superior professional expertise
· Apprenticeship for a new job
· Constantly available assistance
· The ability to develop the concept

Does the franchisor give me the following services?