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There’s a growing national movement among parents of autistic children.

Many believe that feeding their children a special diet can improve their behavior and social problems. A San Antonio mother is using her home-based business to help others follow this path.

After-school reunions are a lot more interactive than they used to be at the Holmbo household, and Letty Holmbo believes it has a lot to do with the special diet she feeds her children.

Foregoing regular flours and cereals and milk products, Holmbo has instituted a gluten-free, casein-free diet in her house. That means her recipes don’t include certain plant and milk proteins. The theory is children with autism are missing an enzyme that breaks up these proteins, and they end up circulating in the blood, affected the brain.

Within weeks, she saw changes in 4-year-old Isabella and 2-year-old Ashton. It’s the food, she believes, that’s sparking the light in their eyes.

“So when I saw how easy it can be for families to implement, I just felt the need to shout out as loud as I could and help coach families to make this happen,” Holmbo said.

So Holmbo, a registered dietician, expanded her home-based consulting company to include gluten-free, casein-free cooking. She calls it “Balanced Living,” and her services include pantry makeovers, grocery story tours, group classes and any other kind of coaching to help other parents give this method a try.

Photo by dougww.