Wire Service Canada:

As a dynamic entrepreneur, business coach and mother, Kim DeYoung is dedicated to supporting mom entrepreneurs. With that in mind she just released her most recent article in a series of articles in the resource section of her website. The article, “Beginner Work at Home Moms Need Your Leadership” is available for immediate download at http://Metromom.com/Resources.

Kim wrote this article because beginner work at home moms benefit greatly by observing and connecting with women that exhibit leadership both as moms and as entrepreneurs. Women get to know themselves and grow in relationship to others. That’s why women tend to lead–not by words alone–but through example and by modeling what they learn.

At some point in their lives women are all leaders, especially in the minds of their children. The traits they exhibit in a home-based business should align with the ones they want their children to value. Kim DeYoung, a mother of three, explain in the article, “When our kids have the opportunity to see for themselves what mommy believes in and is doing, what’s working and not, and how she deals with it and moves on and grows…that makes a tremendous impact.”

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