Overcoming Fears Of Launching A Biz


Have you ever had a dream, hobby or just plain crazy idea you wanted to turn into a business? Well you’re not alone – some 10 million American adults are involved in the process of starting nearly six million potential new businesses at any given time, according to a national study of entrepreneurship by the Kauffman Foundation.

Here’s a few suggestions I have found as I forge ahead on my quest.

– Join or start a club

– Attend a course

– Find a mentor

– Get a business coach

Let go your perfectionism: It takes time to learn something new, and making mistakes is normal – it’s part of the process. Little children couldn’t care less if they fall when they’re trying to take their first steps. They get right back up and try again until they succeed. And if they can do it, so can you! “Success is just a string of failures”.

Photo by oddsock.

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