Central Penn Business Journal:

From 1959 through 2003, the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning business created by B. Scott Rohrer’s grandfather was handed down through the generations as an independent small business in Lancaster County.

At the beginning of 2004, the company was split into two franchised brands: TRC Plumbing Inc., doing business as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and The Rohrer Company Inc., doing business as Rohrer’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

“It’s really proved to be very effective in the brand awareness and name recognition,” Rohrer said.

There are 48 employees between Rohrer’s two companies, both of which are based in East Hempfield Township.

Rohrer got involved in the business in 1989, after he graduated from high school. He took over the company from his father, Larry, when the firm converted to franchises.

Before the conversion, the company performed a study that revealed individuals in the area were not as aware of the firm’s name as expected, Rohrer said. He said he plans this year to complete a follow-up study to confirm his suspicions that the number of people aware of his company has doubled since the switch.

Since January, the company has served 2,200 new customers, Rohrer said.

Both Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning are owned by Florida-based Clockwork Home Services Inc. and were created in 2003, Rohrer said. Each franchise has about 300 locations across the country, he said.

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