Like many people, Darren Salkeld faced a drop in work, the need for money, and too many business opportunities which just did not work out for him.

One evening he was considering all of those ‘at-home biz’ products he had purchased wondering what it was missing in each opportunity that kept them from being truly successful. Finding that one thing for himself, he set out on the internet. Determined to succeed, he did.

Taking everything he had learned from those “get rich quick” schemes he’d bought into, Darren put all of his time and energy into one idea. To his amazement, it paid off. Through his new online business he made over $11,000 in one day. So he could prove to himself that it was not a fluke, he decided to map out what he had done and replicate it in a way so it could be taught to others. Once it was all put together, it became the Instant Income Plan.

Currently priced at $49.95, people can now purchase the Instant Income Plan guide as well as the audio trainings. Like any business it takes determination and dedication to succeed, but this will give you the opportunity to start making money on the first day.

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