In a dismal economy, Nickie Olivier says business couldn’t be better.

In fact, requests for her Curly Girlz pins are far outweighing her ability to handle the orders that keep rolling in.

“Our demand is so great right now, we are almost recession proof,” Olivier said.

The South Elgin home-based business makes girl-shaped pins and magnets with outfits and skin and hair color made to resemble its owners.

All pins are handmade by Olivier, her husband, Darrell, and his daughter, Nicole. But keeping up with the hundreds needed for each cheerleading competition — which typically draws thousands of participants — is becoming impossible, Olivier said.

“We are definitely looking to automate,” she said. “We hand cut everything, so it is very time-consuming.”

Finding help with production and distribution not only will further Olivier’s business goals, it will further her charitable goals as well, she said.

“We don’t live an extravagant lifestyle. We don’t have fancy cars. We pay our bills and live in a townhome,” Olivier said. “Our rapid expansion is a little frightening with the demand outweighing our physical abilities. We are on a fulcrum right now looking for investors.”

Photo by curlygirlz.

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