City-based online education company Everonn Systems India Ltd is planning a franchisee model for accelerated growth of its retail segment, a top official said.

“We are in favour of going light on assets. Franchising out is a model which would enable the business to grow faster,” Everonn managing director P. Kishore told IANS.

The major clients of the Rs.928-million Everonn are schools, colleges and retail stores. The company supplies necessary hardware to schools and colleges and also offers various courses – curriculum and non curriculum-based – for students.

Everonn has also set up retail centres where it offers different software courses and certificate courses like the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Kishore said evaluations were already on to find the pros and cons of the franchisee model.

According to him, out the 29 retail centres of the company, only two are franchisee-owned.

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