In the era of Nintendo’s, Playstations and thousands of computer games, kids are continuing to get lost in a world of fantasy and violence, and experiencing disconnect from their families. One Pennsylvania father decided to do the unthinkable, design and develop an educational board game to make mathematics fun.

Flashcar, the brainchild of Matthew Chalal, provides math-learning for kids surrounded by the exciting concept of racing. It’s no secret that keeping a child’s attention is crucial in the learning process. By marrying a racing concept with basic arithmetic, kids are required to answer mathematic problems correctly in order to advance within the game. Flashcar aims to make the mundane, traditional method of teaching mathematics more fun and engaging for children.

In evaluating auto racing, many variables change – drivers, sponsors, car makes – but the car numbers remain constant. By utilizing car numbers in math equations, learning takes place and a child’s mathematic skills increase.

Photo by Banner Industries.

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