Dutch Bros. Coffee Injects Some “Dutch Luv” Into The Traditional French Press


Dutch Bros. Coffee, a fun-loving and spirited private coffee company founded by two Southern Oregon dairy farming brothers, introduces the first portable Dutch Press for drive-through coffee consumers. Based on the French Press concept of brewing the most robust beverage by allowing coffee grounds to steep in hot water before plunging a mesh filter over them, the Dutch Press takes things one step further. Accommodating a 20-ounce serving of coffee, the Dutch Press allows commuters to brew, plunge and drink in two to three minutes… all while on the go.

“We love experimenting with coffee and sharing the range of tastes and intensity achieved through various brewing methods,” said company co-founder Travis Boersma. “Many coffee aficionados claim that the French press produces the richest cup of joe and the Dutch Press enables us to bring that flavorful experience to our drive-through customers, who otherwise wouldn’t have time to wait for their coffee to brew.”

The Dutch Press is sized for a generous individual serving of coffee and is a combination of coffee pot and travel mug. The Dutch Press is available for purchase at all Dutch Bros. locations and on Dutch Bros.’ Web site for $17.50 plus tax where applicable, and includes a coupon for a free Dutch Press coffee or other Dutch Bros. drink. Upon purchase at drive through locations, baristas will fill the Dutch Press with Dutch Bros.’ proprietary three-bean Private Reserve blend, ground specifically for the Dutch Press, and hot water, letting customers determine the strength of the brew and plunge the built-in filter after two, three or more minutes down the road. Customers can refill their Dutch Presses with coffee grounds and hot water at any Dutch Bros. location for $2.25 plus tax. The Dutch Press can also serve as a traditional commuter mug as the press is easily removable.

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