Hospitality Net:

Marriott International has launched a new sales structure ─ Sales Force One ─ a companywide customer-centric initiative, aimed at simplifying the sales process for customers and penetrating untapped markets. The structure of Sales Force One allows the customer to work with one primary point of contact, who represents all brands and properties, enabling Marriott, theoretically, to accommodate all of the customers’ needs in a one-stop fashion.

Recognizing the increasing complexity and variety of channels through which customers book rooms and meetings, Marriott International conducted extensive research to ensure that current sales strategies resulted in efficiencies and elevated levels of sales performances. Conducting both internal and external research, Marriott International interviewed sales associates, hotel regional and national sales leaders, in addition to surveying travel managers and meeting planners. Further, through case studies, a compensation review, and a profitability analysis of top accounts, Marriott International obtained data from a variety of perspectives to analyze the strengths and weakness of its current sales force from which it could base the structure of Sales Force One.

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