Naples Daily News:

A local inventor and businessman launched a local-based online clue game, Gopher Wit, that is like an online treasure hunt that turns into a race.

It’s free to sign up and play, said 44-year-old Kem Gursoy, who devised the game.

Three clues are released on the game’s Web site everyday, and each is accompanied with an advertisement for one of the game’s sponsors. Gursoy said it will only take a few minutes each day to view the clues, and clues from previous days are always available.

During the game, members will have the opportunity to receive special offers and coupons from participating sponsors.

On the last day of the game, players are directed to a particular place in Collier County. The first person there who has correctly solved the puzzle takes home the $2000 prize package.

Photo by Gopher Wit.

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