PR Leap:

MatchPoint®, the industry’s leading Franchise Consulting Network is responding to the global financial turmoil by offering free franchise education material worth $2.5 million to the marketplace. In a strategic alliance with Franchise Television Productions, MatchPoint is distributing 50,000 DVDs through its nation-wide network of franchise consultants. Valued at $49.95 each, this DVD aptly called “The Experts’ Guide to Franchising” represents one of the most complete and professional 60 minute productions ever produced in the franchising field.

“When we began our research on the franchising field, we were amazed to discover how this extraordinary industry is turning average people into business success stories”, explains John Summerfield, executive producer of Franchise Television Network. “We went right to the top of the industry and interviewed some of the biggest names in franchising to get the real scoop on how this business system works,” he says.

Nigel Mayne, president of MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network says, “As a result of the financial meltdown around the world, millions of people are watching their retirement savings plans vanish. The need to identify alternatives and yet achieve the lifestyle and retirement they desire was never more strongly felt. For thousands of individuals, franchising will represent the hope of a new tomorrow. Yet, to unlock and leverage the true potential of franchising, people must first understand its power.”

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