So, you thought the market for reusable bags was saturated? Having found a niche that has yet to be infiltrated, The Green Garmento hopes to help green up dry cleaning.

Introduced last month, The Green Garmento is a garment bag made from non-woven recyclable material that can be used as a duffel bag to transport laundry to the cleaners, or as a suit bag to protect garments on their return journey.

Unlike plastic bags, The Green Garmento ‘breathes’ and doesn’t trap chemicals, meaning garments can be stored in the bags without requiring airing.

The Green Garmento is currently offering its positive associations to dry cleaners (and consumers) at a cost of USD 9.99 per bag for orders of 10 or less, going down to USD 5.05 for quantities of 1000+. The bags are available in six colours, and can be Logos can be printed on the bags. It’s yet another nail in the coffin for single-use plastic bags.

Photo by Green Garmento.

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