TheHomeMag today announced 3rd quarter growth results that show adverting sales volume for franchisees increased 10.6%. Publications are showing growth at different stages of maturation throughout the previous quarter, despite the faltering economy. Additionally, revised numbers from HIRI (Home Improvement Research Institute) show the long-term outlook for the home improvement industry remains strong and is being estimated to average growth of +5.9% annually over the next 5 years, reaching $396 billion in 2013.

“These numbers show that people are still buying advertising… and they are even more focused on investing their ad dollar in something that they know works,” said Chris Goebel, President of TheHomeMag. “We generate more leads than any other home improvement publication and our call-tracking proves it. We had five magazines produce over $200k in advertising revenue in September.

The bottom line is that home improvement companies still need to advertise and our numbers support that.”

Two-thirds of homes in the U.S. are now at least a quarter-century old, with a growing number reaching the age where improvements are needed. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reports that major components such as the roof, windows, and plumbing fixtures have a useful life of 20-35 years. From the housing market standpoint, as foreclosures continue to be bought up, people will have money to put back into the home for improvements.