QSR magazine:

With the help of cutting-edge interior design firm Whitehead and Appel, a Maryland-based McDonald’s franchise owner is pioneering a new interior design approach for the fast-food chain.

The thoroughly modern makeover, designed to transform the store in Pikesville from ugly to amazing and from stodgy to stylish, was Wednesday, November 19, 2008.

According to McDonald’s franchisee owners Bob and Barbara Houck, the re-design of the Pikesville store may be considered a model for other McDonald’s nationwide. “We hope the Whitehead and Appel design will expand the trend toward a fresh, sophisticated look for the chain,” Barbara says. “Our goal was to create a warm and inviting store that is accessible to all members of the community.”

To create that warm, sophisticated dining experience, Whitehead & Appel developed a contemporary, nature-inspired look that showcases natural textures and materials such as rattan, shell, and stone. Highlights of the new décor include custom furniture, limestone countertops, colorful lighting fixtures, signed, limited edition art, and flat screen televisions.

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