Make Working From Home… Work!

Hack Your Day:

I see a lot of misconceptions about working from home. Many people think that what happens is we barely make ends meet, but it’s ok because we can get up at 11:00, put in a few hours of work, then spend the day doing whatever we want.

For most people who work at home I guarantee you that they work more than 8 hours a day and it is much harder than it looks. I’ll post about this separately, but for now, here are 3 good tips to make working from home actually work for you.

Create a work routine
This may be an essential factor for success, so despite the relative freedom you have, I suggest settling into some routine or another.

The net will still be here tomorrow
A lot of people, especially bloggers think they have to be alert at all times.

Find the tools for your work
Whatever you’re doing there are tools to do it better. Learn some keyboard shortcuts, look through the program options, perhaps there’s something you can use, read documentation and so on. If you learn 2 new things every week, that’s 104 tricks per year.

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