Virginia-based FranchiseThis! has added video gaming franchise Game On to its stable of franchise development companies. The corporate mission of Game On is to be the leader in the video gaming industry as well as to be the primary source of gaming services including the selling and trading of games and consoles. Game On is committed to providing outstanding customer service by providing a fun idea in gaming retail and participation.

The company currently owns and operates 2 locations near its corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Game On plans to continue its home state growth through franchise sales and is looking to expand domestically across the United States through a combination of Area Development and franchise sales.

“The gaming industry has shown no signs of slowing down and continues to surpass all other retail sectors. But what sets us apart in a seemingly crowded field are our unique streams of revenue,” said Game On CEO Wendy Carolino. “We sell the new and used games and consoles just like everybody else. But our interactive area known as the “Zone” is a totally unique concept in our industry and we have found it to provide a very consistent return while helping us also to attract and retain new customers.”