The Flicko’s Franchise Corporation Sees Unprecedented Growth Resulting In The Opening Of The Middletown, KY Location

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As a result of the Flicko’s Corporation considerable growth in sales and customer satisfaction a second Louisville, KY area store has recently opened its doors. This new Middletown location of Flicko’s Video Services is the company’s showcase store where not only are all services of Flicko’s is represented but there is also a full training center for prospective Flicko’s Video Services franchisee’s to view and train in assorted work stations and store set up.

Making Flicko’s Video Services unique from the prototypical video editing business is the offering of two different choices to customers, the Do It Yourself aspect to editing and transferring, and secondly the ability to have a highly trained Flicko’s consultant do the work for the customer.

The entire equipment set up is based on simplicity of use for Flicko’s customers while simultaneously allowing all of the professional features otherwise needed. With the “Do It Yourself” aspect to the business, customers can save 50% or more while most importantly allowing having their project exactly the way they desire.

A substantial component to the considerable growth pattern of Flicko’s Video Services is accredited to the Baby Boomer customer segment as Baby Boomers are looking to transfer their old 8MM film into digital format while the old media is still relatively uncompromised. Time and heat plague old film and often times mold will form and colors fade on 8MM format. For Baby Boomers looking to retain their family footage and archives Flicko’s provides the perfect tool in preservation. The Patented Process stores these memories on a digital format to where they are preserved almost indefinitely.

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