Grab Some Lunch, Buy A Car

When Fiesta Linton brought her car in for an oil change at the Price LeBlanc Toyota dealership earlier this month, she had more than a dog-eared magazine to help her pass the time.

Linton was able to sip on a kiwi-strawberry smoothie and snack on a chicken-wrap sandwich at a Tropical Smoothie Café inside the dealership, while she watched a big-screen TV.

“It’s cool,” Linton said of the café setting.

“Plus, I hadn’t eaten today and this was great,” she said of the snack.

The huge new, approximately 127,000-square-foot Price LeBlanc dealership at 13200 Airline Highway opened in May, and the Tropical Smoothie Cafe,’ built into a front corner of the dealership, opened this month.

There are other amenities at the dealership, as well.

In addition to the café, customers can choose from three waiting areas — a TV room; a room where children can play; and a “quiet” room with outlets for laptops.

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