It’s like writing a school paper for Meagan Ting, one of the hosts of Teen Talk at Chico’s public radio station, KZFR.

She researches a topic, say, mental illness by surfing the Internet, talking to friends or bouncing ideas off her sometimes co-host, Amber McCready. “We e-mail it back and forth until it’s done,” she said.

By the time she has finished her research, instead of writing an essay and turning it into one of her teachers in the ACT program at Chico High School, she reads it. Out loud. On her own radio show.

Meagan became interested in Teen Talk as a sophomore when Chico High English teacher Chris Persson connected her with Ed Pitman, who was then adult supervisor for the program.

The idea of talking on the radio for up to an hour was a little daunting.

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