Niche Biz: Open 24 Hours A Day


There can be a variety of reasons consumers seek businesses that are open round the clock, whether it’s to pick up medicine for a coughing child or to find someplace to eat in the middle of the night.

Whatever the motivation, 2itch is a new Google Maps mashup that can help, offering a maps-based way to find establishments that are still open.

Launched late last month, 2itch displays all locations open 24 hours a day in many metropolitan areas across the United States.

Users simply double-click on the area of the map they’re interested in, or enter an address or ZIP code.

The ad-supported site includes a variety of hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and activities that are available round the clock, and users who come across others can add their own along with comments. 2itch’s beta version, launched in April, began with some 2,000 locations focused on its home territory of Los Angeles along with Orange County, Seattle and New York, but the site has more than doubled since then, expanding to include Chicago and San Francisco as well as the ability to add international locations.

A mobile version is also now available at, and an iPhone-specific version is in the works, the company says.

Photo by 2itch.

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