Twitter for Biz?

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Thinking about starting up a Twitter account for your business? Or considering allowing employees to use Twitter? Here are 10 tips to consider before getting started.

1. Decide before you join how you want to use Twitter. Will it be used for Customer Support (like Comcast does via @ComcastCares) or will it be used to offer promotional deals (like Zappos the on-line shoe site via @Zappos) or will it be to socially network to build up business?

2. If using a business name be sure to use something like “Name_Business Name” (Jane_ABCCompany). That way more than one employee can use Twitter and represent the company. Zappos does a great job with this one.

3. Be sure to use a photo (and not a logo), fill out the description (tell folks why they should be interested in following) and include a link to the company’s website.

4. Let everyone be authentic. Twitter isn’t about just tweeting news about your company or promotional deals. It’s about developing relationships. If you or an employee loves music, let that come through too.

5. Realize that it will take time to develop a following.

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