The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

After studying the J. Christopher’s restaurant chain last year, Dick Holbrook and Sam Haddock came away with a simple assessment.

Holbrook and Haddock had spent more than 30 years each in the restaurant business, working with brands such as Arby’s, Popeyes, Wendy’s and Moe’s.

“The great news is that J. Christopher’s is a great place to have breakfast,” Haddock said they concluded. “The bad news is that J. Christopher’s is a great place to have breakfast.”

A year later, Holbrook and Haddock say they have J. Christopher’s poised to grow as a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. The two restaurant veterans formed in August 2007 a partnership with Jay McCann and Chris Brogdon, the founders of the concept, to create J. Christopher’s Restaurants LLC.

The new company was established to help J. Christopher’s expand, primarily through franchised restaurants. The Atlanta-based chain had 16 locations at the time the deal was signed. It has since added locations in Vinings, Nashville, Kennesaw’s Town Center and north Roswell. Read full article.