Blue MauMau:

Senior officers of Dunkin’ Brands held a hastily convened conference call this afternoon for franchise owners, to discuss the company’s change in chief executive officers. The 2 pm EST conference call was announced just before 9 this morning in an email by the company to franchisees.

Outgoing CEO Jon Luther, chief brand officer Will Kussell and Baskin Robbins’ chief brand officer Srinivas Kumar led the meeting. Nigel Travis, who will be stepping in as the new chief executive officer in January, but who is still on the payroll of Papa John’s until the end of the month, was absent.

Jon Luther explained why the new CEO announcement (pdf) was rushed out so quickly last night. In his opening remarks, Luther stated, “This succession planning process had been put in place for some time.

We were prepared to go out live today [Wednesday] with the information, press releases and all these calls. However, last evening [at roughly 8 pm EST Tuesday] the Boston Globe picked up the story and published something on their web site. So I thought it was important to immediately inform all of our employees and franchisees in the best way we could. The Boston Globe article did preempt this conversation.”

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