Making Hard Times Work For Your Biz

The New York Times:

Times are tough, and now, especially, every small business is looking for ways to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Overtime, the office holiday party and the company’s off-site gatherings at the wonderful resort on the water may be off the table for the immediate future.

But there still are some inexpensive benefits you can offer you employees, writes Entrepreneur magazine.

1. “Negotiate discounts with local merchants for your employees. Hotels, restaurants and amusement parks may offer discounts on their various attractions, including lodging and food through corporate customer programs.”

2. Sign up with a credit union. This is “one of the most appreciated, but most overlooked,” benefits. Employees will probably “increase their savings rates especially if you offer automatic payroll deduction, have access to lower loan rates and pay lower fees – if any – for services.”

3. Provide free, in-house, lunchtime seminars. Financial planners, lawyers and “other professionals will often offer their speaking services at no charge.”

Photo by CraigPJ.

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