Mother's Desperate Need Drives New Take On Old Idea

Market Watch:

Blue Celery, a Mom-preneur run Canadian manufacturer of ‘double-loop style’ baby slings, is spearheading a Baby Sling Bank for the Birth & Parent Companion Program of Mothercraft Ottawa. This unique initiative will benefit young single mothers, and mothers suffering abuse, addiction, or mental illness. “Promoting strong parent-infant attachment lays the groundwork for healthy and secure babies, confident parents, and emotionally stable families and communities.” says Jessica Dwyer, Manager at Mothercraft Ottawa.

The initiative is financially supported through the generous donations of Blue Celery, who will donate 10 Blue Celery baby slings to start off the Sling Bank and also contribute $4 dollars for every Blue Celery baby sling sold online at between December 1, 2008 and March 31st, 2009.

Blue Celery founder Colleen Caney, recalls when we she was a mother in desperate need of soothing her high needs infant daughter and found salvation in a double loop design baby sling. “The double loop system saved my own sanity and allowed me to be the mother I wanted to be”, Caney says. “Although the double loop baby sling design has existed for some time world-wide, it has been widely under popularized in North America. My mandate with Blue Celery has been to bring this fantastic sling design to moms & dads everywhere, while combining the intrinsic function of the design with an urban contemporary style that makes babywearing fashion friendly. And I’m thrilled that the Blue Celery can now assist mothers at risk to adopt the principles of attachment parenting that were so key in helping us”, articulates Caney.

Logo from Blue Celery.

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