When most people look for a way to work from home, they eventually end up finding a variety of opportunities that tend to fall within the multi-level marketing (MLM) category. However, some franchises fall under the at-home category. SearchPath International is a franchise that offers the potential to be launched and run in or out of the home. This opportunity has been designed to fit the wants of their franchisee.

We had the opportunity to ask Kate Rawlings, a Field Support — Education & Training specialst with SearchPath International, about the business and the franchise opportunity they offer.

What is SearchPath International?

SearchPath International (SPI) is the fastest growing talent acquisition professional services firm in the US. Talent acquisition is another term for recruiting or executive search. In addition to being a recruiting firm, we are also a franchisor with 130 offices made up of 600 consultants, in 28 countries on 5 continents spanning across hundreds of industries.

Why do you feel your franchise opportunity is so attractive to potential franchisee’s?

SearchPath International is an attractive franchise opportunity for several reasons, low-startup capital required, high upside, and flexible business models. When you look at competing franchises in the talent acquisition space SPI has the lowest franchise fee, $45k. Many of our competitors are $80k and up. Above and beyond the franchise fee an individual needs access to the internet, a database system and a phone. Due to our flexible business model, new franchisees are not required to start offices and hire individuals right out of the gate. Our goal is to discover each owners dream business and help them build that. We have part-time mothers working from home offices, franchise owners with multiple locations and everything in between. It’s your dream, not ours.

What are your requirements? How much does this opportunity cost?

There are very minimal requirements to become an SPI franchise owner. We go through a mutual discovery process allowing SPI to learn about each interested individual to learn about SPI. There is no standard background requirement.

Once both sides decide to move forward it is a one time $45k franchise fee. We have recommendations for technology (ie computers/phone system/database). We suggest an individual have $60k for total investment. We encourage those new to the business to work from shared office space or a home office to not incur those costs upfront before cash is coming in the door.

What support does a franchisee receive once they have purchased the franchise?

When purchasing an SPI franchise an individuals receives access to all of the SPI proprietary information:

  • Access to SPI University (our education platform)
  • 5 Manuals to help you run your business
  • On going field support
  • Individual coaching
  • Access to the SPI Research department
  • Access to the entire SPI network, 130 offices with 600 consultants in 28 countries on 5 continents
  • Access to IT Contract Staffing program
  • Access to 3 National Conferences per year and several Regional Meetings

How long has SearchPath International been in business?
SearchPath International was founded in September of 2005. Since then we have opened over 70 offices nationwide and have access to 130 offices world wide. Prior to starting SPI, Tom Johnston, Founder & CEO, was a franchise owner with the Management Recruiters International franchise system with 18 years of experience in the business.

What separates your opportunity from the competition?

The biggest differentiators from with the SearchPath opportunity is initial cost, we’re cheaper than any other franchise in the talent acquisition arena. The second biggest differentiator is our clientcentric approach to the business. Many franchise offerings have a standard startup requirements and business plan. With SearchPath International we figure out each individuals “dream” business and build your start up requirements and business plan based on that. There is no one standard way to enter and run a recruiting firm, each individual is able to play up their strengths.

What employment opportunities are currently available at your location in Cleveland, OH?
We are constantly on the look out for new talent to work as recruiter for our company owned office located in Cleveland, OH. These individuals would develop new business and fulfillment of current business.

Do you have any bits of advice you would like to share with someone interested in purchasing a franchise?

The best piece of advice I can give and individual that is looking to open a franchise is, do your research. It’s easy to say you’d like to own your own business, who wouldn’t, but when you begin truly understanding what it means to be a business owner, it can be over whelming.

The second piece of advice is to discover what business would excite you. Just because you franchise does not mean you will be successful. You must be passionate about what you are doing first, and the success will come after that.

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