Sense-ational Skin Care Line

The Windsor Star:

It’s not often that the Crazy Ladies test items that can’t be purchased at local spas, boutiques, department stores or pharmacies.

That’s because we like our shoppers to be able to save time and buy right off the shelf.

We decided to make an exception when Windsor’s Lynn Langlois, a USANA Health Sciences associate, asked us to try the company’s Sense line of skin care products.

Lynn graciously gave us three sample sets from the Prelude collection. Each included a daily cleanser, hydrating toner, daytime emulsion, night renewal and an enhancer called Perfecting Essence that was designed to brighten and “retexturize.”

Our testers represented women in their 40s, 50s and early 60s, because that’s the demographic most interested in correcting fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin through the use of topical treatments.

The results? By and large, we’d have to say they were excellent. Two of our testers have sensitive skin and are very cautious about what they use. The third has occasional breakouts and chooses her products accordingly.

They were all pleased with the daily cleanser. “I am a huge fan,” said our 50-something Crazy. “I love the smell and results. I would purchase this without hesitation.”

None of our testers were thrilled with the toner. While it’s supposed to balance pH levels and help right environmental wrongs, all three felt it dried out their skin.

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