The Mary Kay Party Makes A Comeback

A new trend has women looking for a way to make extra money. Not only are women working full time jobs, but they’re taking up a second part-time job in the beauty industry.

“I love the way the company works I love the way the products feel on my skin,” said Jackie Alvarez, who signed up to be a Mary Kay Consultant. She is enjoying the extra boost to her pocket book. Alvarez already works in human resources during the day.

“I want to have a baby within the next two years and my current income isn’t enough,” said Alvarez to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez, as she showed him her home office full of make up supplies.

Alvarez can make thousands a month, like with many reputable stay at home sales jobs. The money is something you are hoping will help get you ahead of the game. “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it opens doors, ” said Alvarez, who wants to supplement her family’s income.

In fact, reports suggest the Mary Kay Company has a seen a forty percent spike in women signing up to sell. and here is why, with most beauty companies there is no money up front and you get as much as fifty percent commission.

“I have noticed that a lot of women are coming to Mary Kay starting their business in Mary Kay because they spouses are loosing their business or their jobs or simply because they earn extra money,” said Leslie Martinez, Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay.

Logo from Mary Kay.

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