Rhonda Abrams – Gannett News Service:

Looking for a gift for the entrepreneur or small business owner on your holiday list? Or making up your own wish list?

This year — given the economy — the emphasis is on the practical and affordable, but also the fun and enjoyable. So I’ve come up with a list of great gifts for entrepreneurs.

Wall decals. Wall-Pops makes a type of wall decal you can write on, erase, move without leaving any mark on the wall. They’re great as a kind of giant reminder note, and one in white serves as an easy portable white board, terrific for using for off-site planning sessions. Less than $20.

Reading glasses. Got a boomer entrepreneur on your gift list? They probably use reading glasses.A company named ICU Eyewear makes adorable choices. Try out their new eco-friendly frames made from bamboo or some of their stylish ones. I’ve been using a flashy red pair with rhinestones. Bling! Bling!

Headsets. Every businessperson who spends time on a phone needs at least two headsets — one for the office and one for their mobile phone. For the office, Plantronics has a nifty new set — the Calisto — that is a wireless Bluetooth headset enabling you to move around freely, switching back and forth from a land line to a cellphone. About $199.

Wireless printers. When I told friends I was trying out a couple of wireless printers, everyone said, “I need one of those!” Once you get used to wifi, you want to be able to send documents to a printer without getting up from your desk, couch, bed or wherever you work. I tried out two: one from Hewlett-Packard and one from Lexmark, both are “all in one” machines that wirelessly print, but also copy, scan, and fax, both start at about $129.

Photo by Wall-Pops.

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