Memphis Commercial Appeal:

This thing called technology. It’s bound to make P.J. Witherspoon dance.

“It’s amazing. Technology is awesome,” she said. “I’m totally into technology.” Truth be told, Witherspoon is a webmaster. Her Web site is none other than

“As a matter of fact, we’re launching a new site in January,” she said, “because we do printing and all that kind of stuff — marketing and advertising. I do the ads for the (DeSoto) Civic Center.

“I love doing ads. We moved here from California. In California, there’s a job for a graphic designer on every street corner, but it’s a little bit different environment here.”

“That’s primarily my target — industrious, small businesses,” she said, “because they can’t afford to spend $5,000 for a Web site.

“It gives them a presence. Some people want a huge amount of traffic, while others just want a splash page. They want a billboard on the Internet highway, so to speak. People now, for instance octogenarians, are the largest-growing group of Internet users, and it just becomes so simple: You don’t dig out the phonebook and go through hundreds of pages of Yellow Pages anymore. You just type it in a search engine. That’s how we live.”

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