10 New Year’s Resolutions


Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions and discussion topics–suggestions you can offer your staff to guide them toward a higher level of productivity:

1. I will work smarter.

2. I will increase my working network in and out of my immediate area and inside and outside my company.

3. I will find three things that I can do to make myself irreplaceable.

4. I will find ways to get along better with my boss and colleagues.

5. I will join at least one company-wide task force or committee.

6. I will join a professional organization in my area.

7. I will take a job-related self-improvement seminar.

8. I will develop four goals to help me grow and develop as a more achievement-oriented employee.

9. I will evaluate my personal contribution to this organization.

10. I will try to improve my relationship with at least one person with whom I do not get along.

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